Progression Through Unlearning

Still cranking along; I sent out three more submissions last week, to Slice, Handsome, and Petrichor Machine. That brings me down to nine new poems and eleven submissions in the hole—still manageable, vaguely. I also have a selection ready to go for Copper Nickel, who supposedly opens back up to unsolicited submissions today, but as of yet their site still isn’t taking new material. Probably a time zone thing.

Good news came in this morning: Petrichor Machine has accepted three of the five poems I sent them, and in record time. It’s older material (two poems from 2006, one from 2008), so it’s nice to see them finally find their way into print. Prior to this acceptance, one poem had been rejected nine times, another 12 times, and the third 23 times. Just sent out the withdrawal notices.

I’ve started three new poems, and made decent headway on two of those. There are also a few old ones that have been stalled out forever that I’m nearly getting back to.

Biggest recent disappointment: I missed the Perseids. Had a lot of wishes stacked up for them, too.