My Mom Says I’m Cool

Rejected by Redactions, sent off submissions to Bat City Review and Barn Owl Review (must have been in a flying animal sort of mood). Writing-wise, still two poems in the hole. Brain’s a little tangled up lately; too many distractions in Real Life™.

As I mentioned briefly last time, while I was out wandering last week, I found myself at Porter Square Books and discovered to my surprise that they stock The Normal School, so I bought issue 4. I can see why I haven’t had much luck with them—it’s just a whole different aesthetic to my own. I have a couple of new things in various stages of incubation that might work with them, but on the whole, I just don’t think I’m cool enough for that market. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying, though.

I do admit it’s sometimes disheartening to see just how vast the divide can be between the type of things I write and the type of things that are currently in vogue. I mean, I could probably write stuff targeted specifically for publication by a given set of journals and make it work, but I don’t have much interest in tailoring my output for maximum acceptance. So I suppose all I can do is keep writing what I write and try to find markets in which it has at least a sliver of a chance.

Back to work. Quick reminder, the postmark deadline for submissions to Constellations is June 20th, less than a week away. Please submit!