When Bitter Started Tasting Good

It’s been a while, which is sad, but it’s mostly because I’ve been writing, which is not. I’m getting drafts done of lots of poems—well, lots for me, anyway—and many may end up dead on the side of the road, but one or two might squeak through and shine. It just feels good not to be staring at a blank page.

I’ve been slacking on the submissions front, though, and need to take a break to send some things out. Maybe this weekend, as I just finished up a draft of something new last night, and my next few nights are spoken for. After my most recent rejections (Handsome and Bat City Review), I’m now 12 poems and 22 submissions in the hole. Still not impossible. There are so many poems floating around, and so many places to send them.

And today I just found out I’m on the shortlist for the Vallum Award for Poetry! I haven’t had any sort of luck with contests since college. I’m especially gratified that it’s for “Veninum Lupinum,” a poem I started five years ago and only finished recently, spurred by my “one poem and two submissions per rejection” initiative. Winners will be posted on October 12th, so keep your fingers crossed for me, but as they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Not that cash and/or publication wouldn’t come in handy, mind.